“WindowsApplication1 has stopped working” error

Problem:  Application was installed correctly.  However, after editing settings and changing input folder location from “C:\Recorded TV” to “C\Users\Public\Libraries\Recorded TV” application is unable to start properly. Cause: Some of the WTV files have their metadata tags empty.  It is most likely caused by Windows Media Center sample files or corrupted recordings. Solution: Edit Folder Options.… Read More »

mpconverter beta 0.1

      The reason I started working on this converter is that I wanted to bring over some recordings from Windows Media Center to other platforms like Kodi and Plex.  There are other tools that can do the job, however they rely on external services like thetvdb.com. Basically, these tools convert video file and… Read More »

PlexDbFix. Moving database between computers.

This is probably one of the most annoying things for anybody who has Plex or Kodi database setup on their computer. At some point of time, something goes wrong and you have to wipe everything clean. As a result, all your past history including play status and bookmarks are gone. I went through this process… Read More »

Video Converter. Step by step.

Let me explain what exactly happens when encoding job is triggered. These are major steps and they may be modified in the future. For now program works as single entity, but probably it will be much more efficient to break it down into two components: queue and conversion as separate console apps. Initial Step includes… Read More »

That pesky WTV file format.

I spent whole week trying to put something together that would do a job. Soccer tournament Euro 2016 is around a corner and I wanted to record games and test encoding files with Handbrake. I have to say that this whole experience is really frustrating. Handbrake supports WTV files recorded with Windows Media Center, but… Read More »

Project: video converter

One of the problems with HTPC is that hard drives fill ups with recordings at much faster pace than we can watch it. Some shows can be deleted almost immediately. Other ones could be archived for later viewing. Unfortunately due to a file size of average recording, is not really practical to store entire season… Read More »

Hello everyone!

This is not your typical tech site or blog that brings daily news about current events. Occasionally I may bring my own opinions, however for the most part I will try to make this place interesting for everyone who likes technology and programming. I have two major hobbies.  First one is HTPC and media. That… Read More »