Windows Media Center Guide issues and surprising discovery.

Finally it happened. Windows Media Center guide is missing data. We had some close calls previously but Microsoft was able to fix it somehow. As it stands right now, Windows Media Center without guide data becomes unusable. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon. I tried to download Guide data manually. That option is available in… Read More »

Project PlexRename

Currently I’m working on two small projects that would help me with design of my new mpconverter. First project is called PlexRename and second project is type of media converter that is based on FFMPEG. I’m planning to reuse some of these ideas in the future. PlexRename is actually the first application that I wrote… Read More »

Object Oriented Programming. Importance of data types.

Anyone who starts reading about OOP or watches video tutorials about the subject knows that learning curve is very steep. Even if you have some experience of creating your own classes and objects, you still may not be fully comfortable creating complex projects. In fact some of the developers will try to limit number of… Read More »

My home media setup.

I would like to tell you little bit more about my home media setup. I started playing with an idea of hooking up my computer to TV set when HTPC was still in infancy stage and my first build was very modest. It included 250G hard drive, dual core Intel CPU and analog Hauppauge TV… Read More »

Programming. How hard it can be? Part 2

How to build familiarity with a subject that we know nothing about? This is a million dollar question. I realize the difficulty that we are facing. Different people have different learning styles. For some of us classroom setting might be the right one. Others will rely on some tutorials and visual help. There is also… Read More »

Programming. How hard it can be? Part 1

Couple years ago, I picked up a book about Java with a clear intent of learning programming. After reading “Hello World” chapter and some other paragraphs, I put it back on a shelve and never looked back. There was nothing wrong with that book. It was written by highly respectable authors and it also had… Read More »


I started working on converter at the beginning of last summer. I was not concerned with the code itself but rather I wanted to get something that would do the job. I created other tools before, but as you can already guess, I did them mostly to automate some specific aspect of my HTPC setup. I… Read More »

New Feature: Queue up movies from a channel

  This release contains one important fix and a new feature. Some of the users reported that GUI was crashing during startup showing error that date tag could not be properly converted. Beta 0.4 should take care of it once for all. In addition there is a new feature that will allow you queue up… Read More »

Update: Fixed scanning speed of an input folder

This is the last update in this calendar year. It fixes the scanning speed of an input folder. Previous update introduced this issue. I made some changes to the used method. Originally, we had to know location of a header id number for WTV file. These numbers differed from one operating system to another. Now,… Read More »

Beta 0.2 released

This updated attempts to fix following issues: Added support for Windows 8 Preventing manual recordings from being processed Preventing Windows Media Center sample files from being processed Added logs for queue and encoder Removed duplicate episode tag in nfo files Filename tag in xml files was showing full name instead of filename without extension Note.… Read More »