First look at new web app

By | November 26, 2017

I’m really excited that I can share with you this image. This is my first web application and it took me a while to learn all the details required to put everything together. What you see is an index page created in Asp.Net MVC. Information is pulled from MS LocalDb database using Entity Framework 6. Application is written in C#. Currently we can scan Recorded TV folder and extract metadata from a file. There are couple things that need to be fixed regarding Data Model. I looked at Plex documentation to see how they organize metadata and local files. I probably will try to implement something similar. Overall I like their web interface.  As you can see we have one image for all items. We will be using FFMPEG to extract individual frames. I would like to have an option of using different sources like thetvdb. The only problem is that most of the items in tv guide do not exist in thetvdb database. Therefore the look will be inconsistent. I still have couple things to learn, but I think we are getting closer to something usable.

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