By | February 14, 2017

I started working on converter at the beginning of last summer. I was not concerned with the code itself but rather I wanted to get something that would do the job. I created other tools before, but as you can already guess, I did them mostly to automate some specific aspect of my HTPC setup.

I had a need to move Plex database from my server to another computer. At first it looked like difficult task, but then I realized that I had some pieces of the code already written. Thirty minutes later, I had a working solution and functioning Plex server running on NUC.  It hit me that I should get my programming skills to the next level.  Over the next couple months, through trial and error, I finally was able to get on the right track. I will write series of articles about that process that might be beneficial to some of you.

The converter was meant to be a quick fix to one problem. As I described previously, I was not satisfied with other tools and that’s why I started to working on this one. Unfortunately, the source code is very messy and it is getting to the point when implementing new features is near impossible. Not to mention, that creating different user interfaces would pose some challenges. Therefore, beta 0.4 will most likely be the last iteration of this app in this form.

In the future I would like to have web based app that has exactly the same functionality. That means I would like to be able to access application’s web interface on another computer in my house. I would like view available recordings and add them to queue. The good news is that I have pretty good idea about the components that this new app has to include. I do not have to start everything from scratch. Although, transferring some ideas into Object Oriented Programming proves to be sometimes difficult. Again, I will write some articles about it too.

On HTPC front, I tested DVR capabilities of yet to be released beta version of Plex server and to tell the truth I have some mixed feelings about it. Initially, I wanted to restrict my blog to programming, but on the second thought I will include this type of topics too.

Stay tuned.


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