“WindowsApplication1 has stopped working” error

By | December 11, 2016

Problem:  Application was installed correctly.  However, after editing settings and changing input folder location from “C:\Recorded TV” to “C\Users\Public\Libraries\Recorded TV” application is unable to start properly.

Cause: Some of the WTV files have their metadata tags empty.  It is most likely caused by Windows Media Center sample files or corrupted recordings.

Solution: Edit Folder Options. Select View Tab and check “show hidden, folders”.  Navigate to “C\Users\Public\Libraries\Recorded TV\Sample Media” and delete its content. Next go to “C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\mcponverter\metadata” and delete its content too. Start application and let it scan Recorded TV folder.

Note: Sample WTV files do not have recording and broadcast dates. Application extracts metadata and creates xml files inside \metadata folder but when it starts again it parses xml files and it expects dates to be there. I will try to address this issue in next release. It is possible that your sample folder is already empty. In this case, some of the files may have similar issue.

This application was developed on Windows 7. I was able to test it on Windows 10.  It was not tested on Windows 8. Each Window version reads WTV metadata little bit differently. This is something you should be aware of.


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