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By | May 14, 2016

This is not your typical tech site or blog that brings daily news about current events. Occasionally I may bring my own opinions, however for the most part I will try to make this place interesting for everyone who likes technology and programming.

I have two major hobbies.  First one is HTPC and media. That includes everything that relates to recording, playing, storing media files. Second hobby of mine is programming that is done primarily in VB.net. I’m learning new programming languages, so this would be a good place to share my experience and findings.

I have couple projects that I’ve been working on. I would like bring them to a wider audience. They are still work in process, however they are functional and some of you may find them interesting enough to include them in your daily life.

My interest in programming is driven mostly by media consumption. Occasionally I find something in my media setup that annoys me and requires improvement or automation.  This is how ideas are born for a new program or script. I tinker and I try it until I find desired outcome. After a while when I use it, it becomes much more clear that certain things require different approach. As a result I return to a drawing board and make some changes to improve performance.

One of my projects that are under constant development is internet radio recorder. It started as simple vbs script that organized radio recordings and it moved to vb.net program that handles creation of RSS feeds. Next phase of development is actual internet radio stream recorder based on popular videolan player.

Second project is a video converter that would take WTV files created by Windows Media Center and encode them using FFMPEG or Handbrake to a smaller and more manageable video format like mkv or mp4.

My media setup consist of custom build HTPC computer, home server running unRaid, intel NUC computer that records radio streams, custom build home PC, Roku and iPhone. TV Recordings are done by Windows Media Center, but I prefer using Kodi for playing my movies and TV series collection. I also use Plex during my commuting hours.

I’m glad you could join me and stay tuned for next blog posts.

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